Andrija Krivokapic
31-08-2015 Great set of tools for theory test! I have used this spring as the only study material to prepare for the theory test. The book is very thorough and informative and contains all the needed information. Book is not enough though. One really has to work the tests in order to get a real sense as to what type of information should be remembered and how it should be applied. The tests on are much harder in my opinion than the actual test in the Police. I find this to be right way to do it, though. Although I managed to get "pass" only on handful of tests (I completed 30+), when I took the actual police test, I only had 1 wrong answer!!! Language on the tests could be improved by the terminology used is spot on. Also, it is worth mentioning that there is a superb online support available. Andrija is almost always online and gives clarifications, tips and answers in a very short time. This means a lot as sometimes it can be difficult to get into the "logic" behind the right and wrong answers. I can honestly recommend this online resource as the only thing needed to pass the test! It's quite good value for money in my opinion as well.
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