Sagar I passed theory test for Car(categor B), I have practiced all the test in This website is awesome and would definitely recommend it. 06-07-2016
Sandu R. I passed the teori test for motorcycle today..I just practice tests here..didn't read anything else ! Very good tests...I recomand ! Sandu R. -Holstebro 02-05-2016
Sandra so stupid exam, that is from Flinstons time. There dont check your knowladge but your remembering and so good you hear.. And I heart that teori exm for danish people are more easy as for other. 13-03-2016
Anton Østergaard Jeg vil gerne sige 1000 tak til jer :-) Meget glad for at bruge 04-03-2016
Hugo Good website !, I passed the test today in my first attempt. It was easier that the trial tests but still hard because you are not allowed to repeat the questions. But the material here was absolutely helpful and I wouldn't do it without the combination of the book and the tests. I actually spent almost 3 weeks to be prepared but only for 100 Kr. 29-02-2016
Jwan Thank you for this good website.. I passed the theory test today easily with only one mistake... Thank you again .. Jwan 24-02-2016
Manis Magar12-02-2016
Manis Magar Lige bestået eksamen. 100 anbefaling herfra. :) 12-02-2016
Allen I passed my test! Thank you for your help and for this program... it was exactly what I needed. 01-02-2016
Ashton Sarger I passed the test! Thanks for all the help, you guys have a great site. 25-01-2016

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