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Yes, you can read about 'Advice before the theory test' here on the website.

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It will typically be enough if you need to reacquire your driving license after a conditional or unconditional revocation of your driving license or exchange your driving license for a Danish driving license. If it is a first-time acquisition, it will not be enough to use our theory teaching system, then there is a requirement that you receive theory and practical teaching in at least 53 lessons of 45 minutes duration from an approved driving instructor.

Our tests are set up as the test at Færdselsstyrelsen and the difficulty is the same as the exam-test. All the exam-tests are without text, so you can change the testtype from with text to without text.

If your passport has expired you can bring:

  1. Any previously issued driving license(EU model(credit card type)) or
  2. If you don’t have any of the above, an original birth certificate, health card, or any other suitable identification with a photo can be used for your legitimation.
  3. If your social security number or date of birth and place of birth do not clearly appear on the passport or previous driving license, an identification document issued by a public authority must be presented, from which the social number or name and place of birth appear clearly.
  4. If you changed your name and the name doesn’t appear on the documents mentioned above, the name change must be documented by presenting a marriage certificate, name certificate, or documentation for notification to the marriage authority or the national register.
    You have to remember to bring your application for a driving license and your driving instructor’s copy of the lesson plan, fully completed.

At you can decide whether you want to run the tests automatically or manually. You can set it to manual, so that you decide the speed. Or you can set it to e.g. 4 seconds answer time for each question, this is approximately the time you get to answer at the final test. You can choose from 2 seconds to 9 seconds.

You get access to theory and theory tests for car and motorcycle. For car there are 30 video lessons covering training (in 6 languages) and online theory book (Danish and English), 40 theory tests in many languages. For motorcycles, there are 30 video lessons and 15 theory tests in English and Danish.

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