Can 17-year-olds drive a 45 moped?

17-year-olds may drive ordinary passenger cars and vans up to 3500 kg permissible total weight in the company of an accompanying person. Without a companion, 17-year-olds may only drive a tractor and a small moped (30 km/h moped) but not a 45 moped.

The requirements for you as a companion for the 17-year-old new driver are:

You must sign and bring the signed form with you during the drive. You must be at least 30 years old. Your driving license must have category B issued in Denmark in the past 10 years, without it having been revoked - either conditionally or unconditionally. You must be able to legally drive the car yourself and you must not have taken illegal drugs, be too tired or ill to be able to drive the car safely. Of course, you must not have a blood alcohol level above 0.5 either. You must bring your own driver's license. You must sit in the front passenger seat. As a companion, you must advise the 17-year-old while driving. Afterwards you can also talk about what went well and what can be done better.

While driving, it is legal for you to talk on a hand-held mobile phone, but you must follow along and have your focus on driving and the traffic so that you can guide. It is the 17-year-old who is responsible as the driver of the car. You must not interfere with driving by pulling on the steering wheel or similar. Tell if e.g. the speed is too high for him/her to slow down. Of course, you must not encourage the 17-year-old to drive illegally, and you could be punished for that as an accessory.

You can find the companion form here on on our front page under the menu 'Help and services' select 'Documents'.

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