The pilot program for 17-year-old

It has introduced a three-year pilot scheme where 17-year-old must take driving license.17-year-old must start with education three months before the age of 17 years, go to theory lessons month before the age of 17 years old and tidligstpå day when they turn 17 years of age must they take denpraktiske prøve.Undervisning at the driving school is same as to those who are 18-years. The difference is at17-year-old to drive if accompanied by an are able to drive, at least 30 years old, driving license, has run at least 10 years without conditional or unconditional suspension of førerættenog are sober and not influenced by drugs. They must do this until the age of 18 år.17-year-old should not begin by driving a car other than driving instructor in an approved school wagon before they have beendriving license. The age limit for moped license is sænketfra 16-15 years.

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