Situationer når man få klip i kørekortet:

Klip i kørekortet

Here is the list of offenses that give clips in the card:

  1. Exceed the speed limit by more than 30%
  2. Driving through a red light
  3. Dangerous overtaking (exceeding barrier lines, violating the rules of overtaking and a ban on overtaking and overtaking at a pedestrian crossing)
  4. Do not buckle children under 15 years fixed by the rules
  5. Driving against traffic direction
  6. Violate the rules of right of way
  7. Change the direction of traffic and location to danger or undue inconvenience to other road users
  8. Run left on a traffic island
  9. Driving the short distance to the front
  10. Driving illegally in the emergency lane (on the road)
  11. Run over the railway tracks, in the given signal for stopping
  12. Driving a race or racing on road
  13. Driving illegally with children under 15 years of motorcycle
  14. Driving reckless slalom and past driving in dense traffic
  15. Increase the speed when being overtaken Most people get cut because of oversidelsen of ht, then run through a red light, dangerous overtaking and failure to use safety equipment l børn.3 clips within 3 years results in an'll nget disqualification. This means that you must pass both a theory and a driving test within three months to keep your driving kort.Hvis you do not have your driver's license for more than three years, the rules are tighter, as kørselsfor bid reached after only 2 clips within 3 years. You must carry special driver training in driving school. The e means you must take a minimum o e teore happen lek ones and o e prac happen lek bonds of 45 minu each, and you must also pass both a theory and a prac sk try. You can get are cut at one time. Eg. If you run both too strong and too red, you get two clips. It is only the flying vehicle that gets cut. You can get cut, even if you are not yet 18 years of age. You can also clip, even if you do not have a driving license. If you do not have a driving license and get three clips, you will be banned from re an I get a driving license.
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