Injured and killed in traffic accidents in 2022

In Denmark, there were 154 traffic fatalities in 2022. The year before, there were 130 people killed in traffic and that is the lowest number according to Denmark's statistics between 2013 and 2022. Although the number has increased by 24 more people killed in 2022 than in 2021, the number has fallen the most since 2013 when there were 191 people killed. However, the highest number of fatalities was 211 in 2016.

50 years ago, the number of traffic fatalities peaked. In 1971, 1,213 people lost their lives in traffic. Since then, traffic has more than doubled, but the number of traffic accidents has fallen significantly. This is because the roads are constantly being improved and the cars have become safer to drive in. Road safety is constantly being improved. The seat belt is a requirement and a helmet when riding a moped. The focus on the condition and design of the roads is still improving and just as much focus on the behavior of road users when it comes to inattention, excessive speed and drink driving.

In North Jutland there is a total of 314 killed and injured in 2019. This is the highest percentage decrease in Denmark with 36% compared to 2015. In Central Jutland the number is 486 and a decrease of 19%. In southern Jutland and Funen, the number is 374 and the decrease is 26%. In Copenhagen and North Zealand, the number is 526, a decrease of 13%. Zealand has a total of 311 killed and injured, which is a slight decrease of 3%.

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