What is the 'Minus green signal'?

Do you know the signal "Minus green signal"? Dear child has many names, they say. This signal 'Minus green signal' has also had 2 other names, namely mirror signal and repeat signal.

So what does "Minus green signal" mean and where is it found in traffic?

It is a light signal which consists of the red and yellow signal, the green signal is missing or a white cross has been put over it. It is only found at traffic lights and is only for left turns. The signal is set up to increase safety and make it easier for left-turners to exit the intersection safely. The signal indicates to left-turners who stay in the middle of the intersection when the light for oncoming traffic changes from green to yellow and red. That is when there is no light in the signal, the oncoming traffic has green. It is not always easy to spot the 'Minus green signal', but look for it over on the corner of the oncoming traffic and the road you want to turn left on. If the signal has the white cross where there would otherwise be green in a 'normal' red, yellow, green signal, you can spot it more easily. But look for it, because when the light comes on in the yellow field, the oncoming traffic must stop and it's time for you to just make sure there are no oncoming traffic or other road users crossing, and then complete your left turn when it's clear .

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