100,000 driving tests have been completed by the Norwegian Transport Agency

  1. October to January 15, or 14 weeks, the Norwegian Transport Agency has carried out 100,000 driving tests, which corresponds to an average of 7143 tests per week. Since the number of waiting pupils on 1 October was 42,789 and now on 10 January there are 24,577 waiting pupils, the number waiting for a test has barely halved. It must be said that it is going in the right direction.

8-8,500 tests are carried out per week and the Norwegian Transport Agency expects this to increase to around 9,000 per week during the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2022.

The Danish Transport Agency will also come up with a plan at the beginning of April for how the reduction in waiting times can continue and when the waiting time will be at a normal and acceptable level.

We look forward to that – that the waiting time will be acceptable.

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