Driving test fees have become more expensive

After the Danish Transport Agency has taken over the tasks of holding theory tests and practical tests, the fee has increased from DKK 600 to DKK 1000. The fee covers both the theoretical and the practical test, but only if you pass the first time.

Therefore, we advise you to prepare thoroughly before taking the decisive test. It is expensive to go over, the full fee must be paid before you can book the next test and even if you have paid twice for the theory test, you still only have one practical test for what you paid for. If you have to take the practical test again, it costs another DKK 1,000 in fees. In addition, you also pay your driving instructor to borrow the car for the practical test, so it adds up to a lot of money. If you pass the theory test in the first attempt, you do not have to pay a new fee for the practical test.

At we have 42 theory tests in Danish and English (and many other languages). The tests must be completed in less than 25 minutes and you must answer at least 20 pictures correctly to pass, this is also the test requirement at the Swedish Transport Agency. You can take our tests as many times as you like and your results are saved so that you can review them again if you wish. It is important to know the theory and you can benefit from watching our theory video lessons on, where you go through all the theory you need to answer the tests. gives a 100% pass guarantee after 120 days of access and if you pass all 42 theory tests on in the first or second attempt at the latest. Then you will be able to pass the final theory test in the first attempt. Should you fail, we will refund the amount for the 120 days you have paid to use our program. Read more on our website about the 100% pass guarantee.

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