Avoid hitting wild animals crossing the roads.

In 2021, an average of 31 hit deer, fallow deer and fallow deer were reported daily, according to the Animal Protection Centre. This is an increase of approx. 7 daily inquiries since 2016.

The damage is extensive and costly. Many of the animals are injured but can run into the forest and only die of their injuries at a later stage.

To alleviate these collisions, a game whistle can be advantageously bought and fitted to the car. The speed causes the whistle to emit an ultrasound - the frequency range from 20-30 kHz.

No documentation has been compiled yet, but there are good experiences from Thisted Municipality and Morsø Municipality. Thisted Municipality has had whistles installed on the home care's cars and has gone from 5-8 collisions a year to 1 collision a year.

The game whistles work from a speed of approximately 50 km/h, and must be fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions. The price varies but does not cost a fortune, the price is seen from DKK 50. It is a good idea to check once in a while whether the whistle is still attached, as the whistle is mounted with double-sided tape and can fall off.

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