Corona! * theory and practical test *

UPDATE: From Monday 14 June 2021, the requirement for a mask in connection with driving lessons, driving test and indicative health driving test will be removed!!!

To get to the theory and practical tests, you must be able to show either:

  •  En negativ COVID-19 test som er højst 72 timer gammel regnet fra det tidspunkt, hvor testen er foretaget
  • A positive result of a COVID-19 test, cf. PCS. 2, which is at least 14 days and no more than 180 days old from the time the test was carried out
  • A completed vaccination course against COVID-19

For the theory test / practical test, you must bring the following:

*Possibly. previously issued driving licence: Only applies to the credit card type (EU model) if you already have a driving license for another category.

*Valid passport or other official photo identification: If you do not have a valid passport, you must bring photo identification as well as a baptism, birth or name certificate (original version)

*The application form: On page 2 of the form "Application for a driving licence", the instructor(s) of the driving education sub-elements must confirm with their signature that you have received training in driving on a closed practice area, in theory and in practice in accordance with the teaching plan for the category in question. (BEK §63, Subsection 1) The lesson plan (the driving instructor's copy): The lesson plan is also sometimes called a "logbook" or "student booklet".

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