Digital theory test ends 1 October 2021

On 1 October, theory and practical tests will be handed over to the Swedish Transport Agency. Changes are planned, but how and when is not yet known. However, the Norwegian Transport Agency says that from 1 October it will not be possible to take the theory test digitally in Hillerød or Køge. So all theory tests in Denmark are written and are completed by presenting a randomly selected series of approved theory test sets with recorded questions and answer options as well as a corresponding tick-off form for answering. Initially, the waiting time for the tests will be approximately the same as now, but in future the waiting time will be shorter. It will take some time before the current waiting times can be expected to normalize and stabilise. The ambition is subsequently to digitize the area and become more demand-driven over the next one to two years. This means that, for example, samples are placed where the demand and need are greatest.

After 1 October 2021, you must contact the Swedish Transport Agency rather than the police in connection with a number of questions regarding the driving license area.

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