Do you own the car?

Are you the owner of the car and let your 17-year-old drive unaccompanied? Are you aware that your insurance does not cover as much as you might think? If the car is driven by a 17-year-old with a driver's license but without a companion, it is equivalent to lending the car to a person without a driver's license. It will be very expensive if the insurance does not cover the damages for which the driver is found guilty.

The companion must always be the passenger next to the 17-year-old driver and the companion must meet the following requirements:

  • be over 30 years of age
  • have had a B driving license for the past 10 years issued in Denmark
  • your driving license must not have been revoked conditionally or unconditionally in the past 10 years
  • must always carry your driver's license with you when driving
  • your driver's license must be valid
  • be able to legally take over driving
  • give advice and guide the 17-year-old while driving
  • you must sit in the front passenger seat
  • you must accompany any 17-year-old with a driver's license

It is the 17-year-old who is responsible and must be able to prove that you, as a companion, are informed about the requirements placed on you as a companion. There is a companion form that you can fill out together before driving. The document can be saved and used in the future, but there must of course be a completed document for each companion and 17-year-old driver. The companion form can be found on the Swedish Transport Agency's website: KK 051 - Companion form - 17-year-olds

Remember that the driving license is only valid in Denmark until the driver turns 18.

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