Traffic fatalities in 2019

Unfortunately, it seems that the number of people killed in traffic has increased in 2019, an estimate is 205 lost their lives in traffic. The figure will only be finally calculated in May 2020.

The biggest killer in traffic is speeding. Half of all fatal accidents are due to speed. In addition, there are also several seriously injured. Remember that your braking distance quadruples when you double your speed.

Speed ​​is one of the most decisive factors in traffic accidents, leading to many deaths on the road every year. When drivers exceed the speed limits or drive too fast for the given road and traffic conditions, they significantly increase the risk of serious accidents.

High speed reduces the reaction time of the driver, making it more difficult to avoid dangerous situations. At the same time, it extends the braking distance, which can result in collisions with fatal consequences. When accidents happen at high speed, the severity of injuries is often much worse.

In order to prevent deaths in traffic, it is crucial to observe the speed limits and adapt the speed to the current road and traffic conditions. This is a responsible action that can save many lives and contribute to making the roads safer for all road users.

Remember you will not get there quickly if you have an accident on the road, it is better to drive safely and responsibly.

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