Changes in deadlines in connection with the Corona crisis.

Temporary changes to rules in the driving license and driving education areas

Publication date: 26/03/2020

The Swedish Transport Agency has carried out a number of initiatives in the area of ​​driving licenses and driving education as a result of the corona crisis.

The Swedish Transport Agency has changed the driving license order in several areas to deal with the current situation in Denmark.

This is done to take into account the extension of case processing time, the accumulation of courses and tests to be completed, etc., which we must expect the corona crisis to cause in a number of areas connected to the driving license and driving education area.

The Danish Transport Agency has amended the driving license order on the following points:

  • Extension of the validity of medical certificates in connection with the processing of a driving license case. The medical certificate must now be no more than one year and nine months old when the driving license is issued
  • First aid courses in the field of driving education must first be completed in connection with registration for the practical test
  • Repeal of break rules in driving education
  • Extension of the validity period of the theory tests. The practical test must now be passed 18 months after the theory test has been passed
  • Extension of the period during which a motor vehicle may be driven on a foreign driving license without exchange. Holders of foreign driving licenses that were not issued in an EU or EEA country may now drive a motor vehicle in this country for up to 180 days after establishing permanent residence
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