Driving license for electric bicycle

Before you get your driver's license you may be cycling, do you know which rules apply to driving license requirements and speed on electric bikes?

What are the rules for e-bikes? An electric bicycle must assist up to 25 km/h. On an ordinary electric bicycle (25 km/h), the same traffic rules apply as on an ordinary bicycle. But there are special rules for how your electric bicycle must be arranged and equipped. The engine must only assist when the pedals are pressed.

Electric bike/speed pedelec on the cycle path? Both 25 km/h and 45 km/h e-bikes are currently legal on Danish cycle paths. Speed ​​pedelecs (45 km/h) are, however, only for people over 18 or 15-17 year olds with a moped driving licence, or 17 year olds with a B driving licence. When cycling, you must comply with the speed rules on the road you are riding on. This means that you must cycle according to the speed rules that also apply to cars. You must have liability insurance for a speed pedelec.
In addition, the following requirements apply to speed pedelec drivers: A bicycle helmet is a legal requirement Children's seats must not be installed It must not tow a bicycle trailer The bicycle lights must be on while driving, also during the day

Drivers of speed pedelecs – just like other road users – have a duty to adjust their speed according to the conditions, with particular regard to the safety of others as well as road, weather and overview conditions. The driver also has a duty to exercise caution so that dangerous situations do not arise on the cycle path.

Can I get a speeding ticket? Yes, you can be fined if you exceed the speed limit on a bicycle in, for example, a residential area where the maximum speed limit is 30 km/h. On the roads, you are only allowed to cycle as fast as the cars.

It also costs a fine if you:

-cycle against the direction of traffic. -does not comply with your unconditional duty to yield. - has faults or deficiencies in brakes, reflectors, etc. -bicycles in the pedestrian crossing, on the pavement or footpath. -drives in the opposite direction on the cycle path. -drives without hands on the handlebars.

No, regardless of whether you have a driving license or not, you cannot lose your driving license or have your driving license suspended by driving drunk on a bicycle.

There is no fixed alcohol limit for cyclists. But if the police consider that you are not able to cycle safely, you will be fined. You cannot lose your driving license if you are drunk on a bicycle.

Things you bring on the bike must be no more than three meters long and one meter wide.

There are no rules on the use of bicycle helmets on ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles (25 km/h), not even for children under 15 years of age. It is compulsory by law for everyone to use a bicycle helmet on: Electric scooters.

You risk having your driving license revoked if you ride an electric scooter with alcohol in your blood. As a general rule, you should never ride an electric scooter after drinking alcohol.

The legal speed for electric scooters in Denmark is 20 km/h with pure engine power when driving in traffic, if you do not comply with this rule you risk having your electric scooter confiscated and you will be able to receive a fine

If you are under 15 and are caught riding an electric scooter in traffic, your parents will be contacted about the illegal driving.

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