Control of drink and drug driving.

Most police districts in Denmark have extra checks on drink and drug driving during Easter, 3 April to 10 April. In 1998, the alcohol limit was set at 0.5. This limit applies to cars and the like. vehicles, but i.a. also electric scooter and electric skateboard. If you are not able to drive safely, in Denmark you may well be punished for drink driving, even if the blood alcohol level is below 0.5.

The limit for driving under the influence of drugs is zero. If you drive with illegal, euphoric substances in your blood, the penalty is the same as a drink-driving with 1.21 per thousand:

  • unconditional suspension of the driver's license for 3 years
  • lived
  • must complete an Alcohol, Narcotics and Traffic course of 12 hours in total.
  • pass a new theory and practical driving test

In case of repeated violations, the penalty increases.

Generally speaking, the development of the number of charges for driving under the influence of euphoric substances has increased to 10,100 in 2021 and charges for drink driving have fallen to 6,500 in 2021. However, charges for drink driving peaked in 2020 with 17,000. Nine out of ten drink-driving charges are against men, and especially young men.

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