Enjoy! Theory tests, theory book and theory teaching for the dyslexic offers theory tests, theory books and theory lessons for dyslexics.

We have created a theory teaching system with text, pictures and reading of all text for our theory teaching with 30 lessons. The teaching program can be used with or without text and with or without reading, which is an advantage for dyslexics. It is not necessary to use thesis reading programs for our theory program, all text is already recorded.

It is also possible to choose theory teaching as video lessons composed of 30 different video lessons spread over 42 videos.

The same applies to theory tests on, also when reviewing explanations of one's mistakes, it is possible to have the questions read out again.

Dyslexia does not normally give access to a special theory test with the police, but in some rare cases you may be allowed to take a special theory test where you are alone for the theory test and where you can have the questions read out at a different pace.

We recommend that you take the theory test on the computer in Hillerød or Køge if you have the opportunity.

We hope that dyslexics will find the benefits of using the theory teaching system at

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