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Perfect preparation for the theory test Absolutely perfect preparation for the theory test. I was pressed for time and had one day to read up. Had a good grasp of what is in the book, but you also just have to run a lot of tests to see the different scenarios for yourself. With 40 tests, there is quite a bit to try. If you pass all tests no later than the second time you try them, they guarantee that you will pass (otherwise you will get your money back). I passed with just 2 mistakes (and one was because I didn't hear the question properly and therefore made pure guesses when I put the ticks). What I think was great about these tests compared to the others I tested is that the voice speaks relatively quickly and asks the next question as soon as you have ticked off the previous question. That way you can really save time when you sit and run through the 40 tests. In addition, you choose whether you want to see the test or not (depending on whether you have to take the test on a computer or whether you have to take the old-fashioned "slide show"). An additional detail: several of the situations for the test the traffic situation was completely identical to photos from tests I took on this page (ie; they were not the same cars, but they were the same type and their locations were identical), so there was a lot situations where, for example, I knew well whether there was enough space and time to accelerate, brake softly, etc. So I am completely satisfied with this program! (However: start reading aloud in good time and not the day before. There are 40 tests. It took me a little 15 min per test (often answered before she had completely finished reading aloud) and then a few minutes to review the answers . So 15 - 20 minutes times, for example, 60 tests (expect that at least half of your tests will have to be retaken). That means you will probably spend at least 15-20 hours - possibly more if you don't want to rush through it. But do if you do, you should also go in and pass the theory test :) ! Good luck with the test.


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