Flooded road / Water on the road

What will you do if you find yourself in a situation like this? Do you want to follow the vehicle in front of you or do you want to stop and find another way?

If you cannot judge the depth of the water, you should not blindly follow others because some vehicles are higher than others such as SUVs that are made for off-road driving. The rider of the motorcycle in the photo above was unable to drive through the water and the motorcycle is wrecked with a broken engine. It is dangerous to drive through water because manhole covers can be pushed off and there can be large holes where they sat. There may also be other obstacles that cannot be seen underwater.

Water can have a number of consequences for yourself, your vehicle and the surroundings:

  • You can damage the vehicle because water can cause extensive damage to the engine, interior cabin and electrical systems. This can lead to very expensive repairs.
  • Electrical and electronic components are particularly vulnerable to water damage. Even if you drive through a flooded road like this and your vehicle initially appears to survive unscathed, the damage may show later.
  • If water gets into the air intake it can damage the engine, water can get into the cylinders which will cause the engine to fail.
  • Mechanical damage: Underwater obstacles and underwater bumps can cause mechanical damage to the vehicle, including damage to the undercarriage, load-bearing parts and wheels.
  • Environmental consequences: Passing through a flooded road can cause environmental pollution. It can cause the spillage of oil, chemicals and other harmful substances into the environment, endangering aquatic ecosystems.

We recommend that you do not drive through a flooded road like this and instead find another way to your destination. Use to get more useful information about driving in all conditions, and actual weather conditions that affect motorists such as the hurricane that just hit Denmark on 20/10/2023.

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