Digital theory tests again in 2024

When the Norwegian Transport Agency took over the driving tests from the police in 2021, the possibility of the digital theory tests stopped in the individual places where they were used. Now the Norwegian Transport Agency has announced that new digital theory tests will start in certain places in 2024. It will be rolled out first in Kolding, then Esbjerg. The next rollout will be Amager Strand (Copenhagen), Roskilde and Hillerød. 3rd rollout is Århus, Horsens, Viborg, Holstebro, Ålborg, Frederikshavn and Åbenrå. In 2025, there will be more rollouts, but the exact locations have not been chosen yet.

The new digitized theory tests are inspired by the tests in the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. Registration for tests is always at The date for the first digital test has not been published yet.

Representatives of the driving instructor industry will be invited to the Swedish Transport Agency's panel discussion and presentation of the digital theory test in November. All driving instructors have the opportunity to participate in an online meeting with a demonstration of the digital solution. This will be followed up by local information meetings as the new tests are rolled out in the country. The invitation will be sent out with the Norwegian Transport Agency's newsletter. As a driving instructor, you can sign up for the newsletter on their website.

Representatives of the students are also invited to a group panel where the digital solution is presented to them. The Swedish Transport Agency will prepare an information package about the digital theory test, so that students can feel secure about the new solution.

"Digitalisation is a natural part of our mindset. Here, the digital theory test is a fine example of how we can streamline and automate workflows and use of data, so that we can provide better service to citizens and create greater job satisfaction for employees, says Stefan Søsted , director of the Swedish Transport Agency."

"We get a robust and proven digital solution that is already in operation in the Netherlands, and which we have adapted to our needs and design, says Stefan Søsted, - we get a high-quality system where content and images are up-to-date, so the students get a more up-to-date test basis for the benefit of road safety."

With the new digital solution, the student can read and listen to each question several times and flip back and forth through the questions.

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