Greenlandic driver's license

Exchange of a Greenlandic driving license for a Danish driving licence.

If you have lived in Greenland and acquired a Greenlandic driving license and need to exchange it for a Danish driving licence, you can buy access to 42 theory tests at The theory tests correspond to the test you have to pass with the police. All theory is also available via video lessons with 30 lessons. You can choose whether you want to play the samples with or without text. You also get access to the online theory book. There are a total of 42 theory tests and there are many languages, although not Greenlandic.

Extract from the Swedish Transport Agency's website: Driving license issued in Greenland You have the right to drive with your valid Greenlandic driving license for up to 90 days after you have established residence in Denmark.

However, it is a condition that you meet the age conditions that apply to the issuance of a corresponding Danish driving licence.

If, after 90 days from the time you have established your usual residence in Denmark, you still wish to drive here, you must exchange your Greenlandic driving license for a Danish driving licence. In this connection, you must pass a controlling driving test.

If you need to get a driver's license in Greenland, there is a theory book to help you on the Swedish Transport Agency's website. The theory book is from 2019 and can be downloaded in both Danish and Greenlandic.

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