Have you been fined for exceeding the speed limit?

Depending on how much you have exceeded the speed limit and by where, you have received a fine and perhaps other measures. You can apply for a reduction of the fine if you have an income of less than DKK 14,153.75 before tax per month or less than DKK 169,845 before tax per year. This scheme is called, among other things, student discount, but anyone can apply for it if their income is as just mentioned.

The fine cannot be lower than DKK 500.

The fine can be reduced by 50%. It is the police who assess each individual application. You must also contact the Police Administrative Center for a postponement or installment plan.

Telephone hours at the Police Administrative Center

  • Monday-Thursday: at 10.00-15.00
  • Friday: at 10.00-13.00.
  • Telephone number: 70201449
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