New - also a clip in the driver's license!

If you drive and at the same time use a hand-held mobile phone while driving, in addition to a fine of DKK 1,500 and DKK 500 to the victims' fund, today you also have to cut your driving licence. This of course also applies if it is a tablet or similar. If you have had your driving license for three years or less, you will be banned from driving after two clips.

You may not use a hand-held mobile either when you stop at a red light or in a queue. You must stick to the side if you want to use a handheld mobile. Then if your mobile rings, you must leave it on. What you are allowed to do is pick up the receiver via your headset that you are wearing, via voice control or have your mobile phone in a fixed holder, then you are allowed to operate it.

You must always remember to be alert, so use your phone wisely. Also, don't have a conversation that takes your attention away from the traffic.

And you are also not allowed to use a hand-held mobile phone when cycling, it costs DKK 1,000 in fines.

Drive safely and have a good trip!

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