Older road users

Older road users often have impaired vision and hearing and perceive and react slowly. They can compensate for it up to a certain level by their experiences, good habits and routines.

Many elderly people have difficulty walking and are afraid of falling and therefore pay less attention to motorists when they step off the curb or cross the road.

Many elderly people perceive pedestrian crossings as particularly safe places and therefore often fail to look before crossing. When they cross the road while there is a green light signal, they do so with full confidence and without looking around.

Many older people have a fear of traffic and are easily startled by cars rapidly approaching, passing or braking suddenly, which can cause dangerous panic situations. Therefore, you should take extra precautions when you see an elderly person in traffic and pay extra attention to them.

In the situation in the picture, the elderly cyclist looks as if he has trouble keeping his balance. He may have been surprised by the pedestrian. In cases like this, you have to be critical and expect the cyclist to fall in front of you, even though he might stay on the bike. Adjust your speed, keep a good distance and be ready to stop to avoid any accidents.

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