Reacquire the driver's license.

Did you know that as a repurchaser you can prepare yourself for the theoretical part of the driving test. The driving test consists of a theory test and a practical test. First, the theory test must be passed before you can take the practical test.

The theory test is held at one of the Swedish Transport Agency's locations. To book an appointment for the theory test, you must go to Borgerservice, you can book this test yourself when you are ready. To prepare for the test, we recommend that you watch the video lessons on (skip the maneuver course and the driving technique course). The videos are affordable and give you insight into the knowledge you need to pass the theory test. It is good to have traffic rules rehearsed and in the videos you also learn how to relate to a picture and the way in which questions are asked.

Then you can practice the theory tests. The tests on are each 25 pictures with an introduction and 2-4 questions for each picture. Just like at the Swedish Transport Agency. To pass, you must have answered 100% correctly to at least 20 pictures. If all answers to a picture are wrong or only one answer out of four to a picture is wrong, it counts as one mistake in the end.

The final theory test takes place with images and sound played, mostly on a large screen, and an A4 sheet with ticks for Yes or No answers. Our theory tests can be practiced with text and without text, but practice without text because that is how it is for the final test. Our tests can also be played with automatic continuation, after a self-selected number of seconds, to the next question or by manually clicking to continue. What you choose is up to you, but take a few samples with automatic continuation in 3-4 seconds, that's approx. the time that will be available to answer each question for the final test.

On there are 40 theory tests and subject tests. You can save all your theory tests and you can review your answers and see our explanations for the answers. You can practice each test as many times as you like. If you can pass our tests, you are well prepared for the final theory test.

Once the theory test has been passed, you can start preparing for the practical test. Even if you can easily drive the car, there are some pitfalls for restorers to be aware of. You must of course also be able to answer control questions about the car for the practical test. Feel free to search for a YouTube video about 'Newest car technology for the practical test'.

You will need a driving school van for the practical test and it can be a good investment to take a driving lesson or two with the driving instructor. On our website you can learn about the things you need to be able to identify and the knowledge you need to answer the control questions from the motor expert for the test. You can quickly review it on the school bus with the driving instructor. In addition, you must focus on your orientation in the car; look in mirrors, look over your shoulder, your speed. has a video on YouTube that you can watch especially if you are going to take your driving test in Copenhagen. It can be found by searching for "difficult places in Copenhagen" and there are several of our videos about driving test driving in Copenhagen. But even if you don't drive in Copenhagen, it tells you about location and orientation and much more that is useful for all drivers.

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