Driving license renewal must be done before your driving license expires.

If your driving license was issued before 19/1 2013, your card is valid until you turn 70. Unless there is a special validity, then it can be a shorter time, but for most people the driving license does not have to be renewed until they turn 70.

If your driving license was issued from 19/1 2013, it is normally valid for 15 years from the date of issue. It may be issued with a shorter validity.

The current expiry date is printed on all driving licences .

When renewing, there is usually no requirement for a medical certificate. However, you must submit a medical certificate if there are already restrictions due to illness.

You can apply for renewal at the earliest 3 months before you turn 70.

These rules apply to group 1:

  • AM - Large moped

  • A1 - Small motorcycle

  • A2 - Medium motorcycle

  • A - Large motorcycle

  • B - Ordinary passenger car

  • BE - Ordinary car with large trailer

  • TM - Tractor and motor implement

If you have a model EC or EU driving license from before 2013, it is valid for the validity period stated on it, but must be exchanged for the EU driving license model, which looks like a credit card, no later than 18 January 2033.

You must contact citizen services (expect to book an appointment in advance) and you must bring:

  • a similar photo
  • your old driver's license
  • identification (passport or health insurance card)
  • Possibly. medical certificate

If you do not have a credit card-type driver's license or a valid passport, you must instead bring your original baptismal name or birth certificate, as well as photo identification.

Price (2023) is DKK 140.

Photo requirements:

  • the photograph must be undamaged
  • it must look like you
  • size 35 x 45 mm, where the head measures between 30-36 mm in height
  • the photo must be taken from the front and show your face and the top of your shoulders
  • headgear may only be worn if the applicant requests it for religious reasons. If permission is granted, the forehead, cheekbones and chin must be clear and visible, the face must be evenly lit, both eyes must be completely visible and the gaze directed at the camera
  • the mouth must be closed
  • glasses must not be tinted and must be non-reflective
  • the background must be light and without shadows or motifs
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