When am I ready for the theory test?

At, we recommend that all our users first watch all 30 video lessons, read the theory book (224 pages with detailed explanations of all traffic situations), and then pass ALL 42 online theory tests. If you have passed all 42 theory tests on in the first or second attempt at the latest, you will easily pass the theory test with the police. There are many who prepare for the test in this way and they pass the theory test without problems. When you are so well prepared, you have no reason to be nervous either, because you know all the traffic rules and all the different situations you may be 'exposed to' in traffic and for the final theory test. If you have problems passing our theory tests, we recommend that you do not order the theory test from the police until you have passed all 42 theory tests on It will be a waste of your time and money and you will be extra nervous the next time you must take the theory test. So only order the theory test when you have passed ALL 42 theory tests on Here is an example of a user who is 100% ready for the theory test and who has passed the theory test in the first attempt and of one who is not ready. Can you see the difference? On you can see all answers and get explanations for each question, your results are saved and you can review them whenever you want. Our tests are set up like the police's, i.e. there are two ways, the difference is with text or without text. You can try both options at The time period is approximately 25 minutes for one test. You can try theory test 1 for free on our website. We hope that you will take the time to properly prepare for the theory test and then we guarantee that you will pass the theory test on the first attempt. You can read more about our pass guarantee on our front page.

Etc. Team

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