Climate-conscious driving by car

Driving 10 km/h slower in a car can have several consequences and affect different aspects:

Safety: Generally speaking, lower speed can increase safety on the road. This gives the driver more time to react to potential hazards and can reduce the severity of accidents should they occur. This is especially important in areas with heavy traffic, pedestrians or changing weather conditions.

Fuel efficiency: Car fuel consumption is often not linearly related to speed. Driving at lower speeds can improve fuel efficiency, potentially reducing costs and environmental impact.

Noise level: Higher speeds usually generate more noise. By reducing the speed, you can reduce the noise level, which can have positive effects on the environment and the comfort of the vehicle.

Wear and tear on the vehicle: Lower speeds can reduce wear and tear on the car's mechanical parts, potentially extending life and minimizing maintenance costs.

Travel time: Driving slower will naturally increase the time it takes to reach the destination. This can be crucial if you have time constraints, but it can also make for a more relaxed travel experience.

Obeying speed limits: Lowering your speed can help you obey speed limits more easily, which can help you avoid fines and ensure you're driving safely and within the limits of the law.

It is important to note that the effects of reducing speed may vary depending on the specific situation, driving conditions and local traffic regulations. In some cases it may be beneficial to drive more slowly, while in other cases it may be more appropriate to stick to the recommended speed limit.

Environmentally sound driving - 10 good tips:

  1. take the bike if you can avoid driving and it's also good for your health.
  2. buy a car that goes far per liter or even better an electric car
  3. check the tire pressure regularly
  4. do not drive with unnecessary weight and do not drive with roof racks
  5. Do not turn on the air conditioning unless absolutely necessary
  6. drive with closed windows and sunroof
  7. drive with great foresight so you don't change speed too often
  8. change gears when accelerating, e.g. from 3rd to 5th gear
  9. when braking, first press the brake and only later press the clutch before the engine starts to "complain"
  10. remember "pooling" drive with others in the car so that you don't drive alone to the city, to and from work so that you drive, for example, with the neighbor one day and another day with your car. It's also good for your social life.

Use common sense and remember: If you want to pass - choose

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