Make room for evacuation

Congestion has increased significantly on the roads and this has resulted in more accidents. Therefore, there is now a new method of what you as a driver must do when emergency vehicles arrive. The method is already used successfully in several places in Europe, for example in Germany it is compulsory knowledge for drivers.

It is about creating a corridor through which the emergency services can drive. When the traffic is dense and sluggish on the motorway, it is difficult for the emergency services to get there. The corridor is created on the motorway and other roads with two, three or more lanes in the same direction by, if you drive in the leftmost lane, you must keep left otherwise you must keep right.

Copenhagen in particular has the busiest motorways and when there is traffic it can take 20 minutes longer to get there than if there is no significant traffic. Queuing due to one accident on Motorring 3 costs approx. 650,000, while in comparison it costs 293,000 kroner on the Holbæk motorway.

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