News about exchanging driving license after Brexit

New countries have been added to the group-1 scheme, which means that the exchange of driving license can be done without taking a controlling driving test in Denmark.

Citizens of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Guernsey and Jersey are included in the Danish Transport Authority's list of Group 1 countries. Important - In this context, the United Kingdom covers the countries England, Scotland and Wales.

Citizens who have a driving license issued in the above-mentioned countries can thus apply for a corresponding Danish driving license for category B / ordinary car.

The driving license must not have been revoked for the past five years. The driving license must also not be restricted or granted on special terms.

At Borgerservice in the municipalities, forms are available in Danish and English for completion. Applicant must complete one in connection with the application.

Holders of a driving license issued in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar before 1 January 2021 may use this driving license for driving in Denmark for up to 180 days after 1 January 2021 or 180 days after the condition of habitual residence is met. After this, there is a requirement for an exchange for a Danish driving license. Replacement takes place without taking a driving test, but must be accompanied by a declaration in good faith that the driving license has not been revoked, restricted or the like.

For holders of a driving license issued in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar issued after 1 January 2021, a driving license can be exchanged for a Danish driving license for category B (ordinary car) without a driving test. A declaration of good faith must be attached.

On the Danish Transport Authority's website, you can read more about exchanging foreign driving licenses.

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