Rules for conducting theory teaching and theory tests in corona times

Conducting theory tests has been resumed from Wednesday 7 April 2021

When you are going to the theory test, you must avoid shaking hands with the test expert.

Performance of theory tests It will depend on the premises and surroundings of the theory test in general, whether there is a demand for the use of a mask during the performance thereof, including in connection with the actual access to the room, in the waiting room, etc. This can e.g. is due to the fact that during the conduct of theory tests at certain police stations etc. is accessible to the public, which is why in that case the use of a mask or visor will be required. It is the police at the given location who make the assessment as to whether such demands should be made.

It is recommended that you bring a mask to be safe, so that you are not rejected on that basis.

The Danish Health Authority's guidelines further state that you should generally minimize close physical contact, ensure good hand hygiene and respond to (mild) symptoms of COVID-19.

Masks must be worn at driving schools where theory lessons are carried out. If the test taker coughs, seems to have a cold or otherwise looks ill, they cannot take part in the theory test. In that case, a conversation is held with the test taker about postponing the test. The competence to end/not start the test rests with the test expert/invigilator. The examiner/invigilator must, if necessary, draw up a written justification for why the theory test is ended/not started. Premises are arranged so that distance can be maintained between test experts/supervisors and between test participants, for example by dividing test participants into smaller teams or over several rooms, etc. The distance between test participants' seats in testing and waiting rooms must comply with the recommendations from the Health Authorities in force at all times. Test takers are instructed to meet precisely and respect distance, so that they avoid shared waiting time and respect distance before/during/after taking the test Test takers are instructed to observe good hand hygiene before the test. It is the responsibility of those responsible for the individual location to ensure the above. Remember to pass all 42 theory tests on before ordering the theory test, so you are sure you are ready for the test.

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