Do you want to drive a self-driving bus?

Test passengers are now being driven in the three shuttle buses at DTU. If you want to try it, it is open to the public. Everyone must, of course, drive with a mask and comply with the distance requirements etc. that apply to corona restrictions.

The buses are programmed to run specific routes and are controlled by satellite and laser. The camera in the bus is used to monitor inside the bus and outside. For the actual driving, 8 lasers are used which constantly read the surroundings and are used to navigate with. They can therefore be affected by large snowflakes, birds or swirling paper. The technology used by the shuttle bus is more precise than the technology used in Tesla cars. The bus is pre-programmed to drive with 1 cm precision and is approved to drive at 25 km/h, but here it is driven at a maximum of 15 km/h. It is approved for 1000 kg or 12 passengers. It follows 100% the traffic rules and has safety zones, which means that it brakes if someone gets too close while driving. For example, a cyclist who comes too close to the right turn or a car that pulls in too close in front, the bus will brake and, if necessary, stop. If there is an obstacle in front of the bus, it will not drive into the oncoming lane, but wait until the obstacle, e.g. a parked car, is gone.

The bus is French produced, the permit has been 3 years in the making and the project has reached level 3 - where the operator still has a role in controlling the bus, e.g. in poor visibility. Level 4 is where the operator is still in the bus, but only intended as monitoring. On level 5, the bus runs without an operator present. The shuttle bus is being tested at DTU and the route is approximately 3 km long. There are five stops at DTU.

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