Snow and driving test.

You probably know that winter tires are the best when the snow is there and your driving instructor can handle that - they are probably already fitted. But if snow falls, just when you are going to the driving test, then it is you who must ensure that the car is ok and free of snow. The windows and side mirrors must of course be free of snow and ice, but remember that so must the lights, don't forget the turn signals and the number plate must be visible. Fog on the windows, you're not, either! Remember to switch on the fan and electric rear window.

It is also important to remove the snow from the roof of the car. If there is a layer of snow, this can fall onto your windscreen and block your view during hard braking. So make sure to remove all snow from the car before driving. Ice or snow on the roof can also hit other road users when it blows down the roof while driving. We recommend that you remove all snow from the car to avoid these dangers.

The speed during the driving test must be adapted to the condition of the roads and visibility. If it snows too much to assess the driving adequately, the driving test will be cancelled. There you will not have to pay a new fee if the Swedish Transport Agency cancels.

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