Actibump - Intelligent speed bump

This new road bump is being tested in Denmark, it is set up in Lejre and Vordingborg. Actibump is almost a reverse bump because the bump is down the road. It works in such a way that the speed of the car that comes driving is measured and if the speed is too fast, a plate is lowered five to six centimeters and then the car drives over an inverted bump. If the speed limit is respected, nothing happens. A warning board has been set up before the bump, so you can adjust your speed.

There is no damage to the car, but it is unpleasant and the intention is that next time the driver will slow down. In 1 year, the results of these first two activity bumps must be evaluated. It is expected that there will be fewer accidents and smoother traffic.

Actibump has been produced and used in Sweden since 2010, they are also set up in Norway, Finland, Iceland and Australia.

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