TEORIPRØVEN I HILLERØD OG KØGE (nye digitalle teoriprøver på computeren)

Theory test in Hillerød and Køge (digital theory tests)

CHANGE PR 1/10-21 Digital theory test ends

There is a statistically better chance of passing the theory test on the computer in Hillerød and Køge compared to the classic theory test on the big screen.

The advantage of the digital theory test in Hillerød and Køge is that you get a better overview of all questions that are asked about a picture. There you can see all 4 questions and for the classic theory test in the rest of the country you can only hear the questions once and then it can be difficult to remember the first question if you choose to change the answer.

It is best to answer the questions immediately and remember that the first answer you make is typically 80% correct, so do not change your answer unless you are absolutely sure that you have answered incorrectly.

The new digital theory test on the computer has been under way and tested in Hillerød and Køge for many years and it is still unknown when it will be introduced in the rest of the country.

You have the option of choosing to take the theory tests with text or without text when you practice at prove.dk

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