Time to switch to winter tires.

The school autumn holidays are over and it is soon time to change the summer tires on the car to winter tyres. It's not exactly snow that we see so much in winter in Denmark anymore, but winter tires are much better in terms of safety in winter when there is snow and slush. Morning frost and moist air can also make the roads greasy and slippery, so it is always recommended to change to winter tyres. If the temperature is below 5-7 degrees, the advice is to switch to winter tyres.

If you can change the tires yourself, you can of course change them when the weather changes. If you cannot change the tires yourself, you must either do it before the weather changes or be able to do without the car if the snow suddenly comes because summer tires are not good at braking in snow and slide off more easily. And snow can fall at all times of the day and not just at night, so it's good to have changed in good time.

Tires must of course have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. You can check this yourself by feeling the rise in the tire in several places around the pattern. The 1.6 mm is a legal requirement, but FDM recommends 4.0 mm for a winter tyre. There are tests of tires on the web, where the quality of the various tire brands is examined. It can be extensive to choose good tires and the right width etc., you can consider whether you want to seek help from a dealer or the like.

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