Remove ice and mist from the windows before driving.

If you're late one morning and think I'll just scrape off a little before I drive, think again!

It is dangerous to drive with poor visibility and you put others and yourself at risk.

The windows must be clear of ice, snow and fog, so that you have a good view to all sides. The lights must also be visible and the number plate, for example it is important that the traffic behind you can see when you brake. Interior and side mirrors must also be free of fog and ice.

It is also important to remove the snow from the roof of the car. If there is a layer of snow, this can fall onto your windscreen and block your view during hard braking. So make sure to remove all snow from the car before driving. Ice or snow on the roof can also hit other road users when it blows down the roof while driving. We recommend that you remove all snow from the car to avoid these dangers.

If you meet the police while you are driving where you do not have proper visibility, you risk a fine from DKK 1,000. and upwards, in serious cases it can be a conditional disqualification from driving.

So remember to have an ice scraper, de-icing spray is also helpful, as well as a cloth against dew. If you have air conditioning in the car, it can be used to remove fog more quickly.

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