The first driving license in the world was issued to Karl Benz in 1888.

Karl Benz was the inventor of the modern car and he himself applied for written permission to drive a car from the Duke of Baden. The reason why he applied for permission to drive a car (the driver's licence) was the complaints from the neighbors about the noise or smoke that his car produced.

The first country to introduce a mandatory test / test was Prussia (Germany) in 1903 and the test / theory test was mostly about technical knowledge of steam vehicles where the first vehicles were steam driven and at that time there were very few traffic rules.

In 1910, there were several rules, such as the fact that you had to be 18 years old to get a driver's license, and you had to go through an education (theory and practical teaching) and pass a theory test.

Belgium was the last country where driving licenses were introduced as compulsory in 1977.

Until 1977 in Belgium, it was not necessary to have theory lessons and driving lessons and a theory test were not compulsory either.

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